Friday, April 9, 2010

The theater is BUZZING!

t is Friday afternoon, April 9, and things are really buzzing around the Acorn. I'm working on booking and writing information on future shows while recovering from our music video night last night. Jill is frantically moving merchandise for the big sale in the Wine Shop. Lots of merchandise is being marked down to make room for new seasonal beer and wine. She is making sure the place looks attractive though it is all rearranged. Becky is making the food and drink specials that cleverly fit with the movie Lost Boys that we are showing tonight. She is also keeping a close watch on ticket sales for the Shawn Mullins concert tomorrow. We are close to sold out and we are readying to remove the online sales for the concert to ensure we don't over-sell the show. We are also preparing for Tempest to arrive on Sunday. These guys are a really fun celtic rock band. They have been piling into a van and going on tour every year for more than a couple of decades and I am impressed that they still love what they do and it shows in their performance. I find it inspiring to be around people who love performing and put out such great energy to their audience. They are just fun to be around. I hope all the people who requested their return engagement will come to the performance for a great close to a full weekend.


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