Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Morning with David

It is Sunday morning a little before 10 am. I just returned from downtown Three Oaks where I purchased 5 different newspapers, and from Froehlich's, where I bought at dozen homemade pastries. We have some guests who stayed here last night after a fun evening. Shawn Mullins performed an amazing concert here last night. The room was packed with loving and attentive audience members. I think there is something particularly magical when a performer comes to the Acorn for the first time. Shawn immediately put the audience at ease and made everyone feel like they could relax and enjoy the evening. He is a great communicator and storyteller. It is awe-inspiring how one man with a guitar can fill the room so completely with music. The opening act, Daphne Willis has a powerful voice, great pitch, and a broad dynamic range. The audience seemed to love her and treated her well. I think she made a lot of new fans with her set. Following the show, Shawn stuck around and signed autographs and took photos with his fans. At almost midnight, the staff and performers had a bite to eat and hung out for a little while. Everyone was so wired that I don't think any of us could have gone to sleep without a transition from the concert to bed. Right now, we are waiting for Bunny Fisher to arrive so we can work with her on putting the finishing touches on the show she is performing here next week. This cabaret show is deeply personal for her, making it the perfect theme for an intimate performance. She is performing songs by people who personally touched her life. Bunny and her family lived in Los Angeles and were part of a strong African American arts and music scene. Her father was the personal physician to Ray Charles and Bunny went to school with a number of famous performer and children of famous performers. Later this afternoon, Tempest will arrive to set up for their celtic rock concert this evening. Tempest has performed here annually for many years and put on a great show. I particularly enjoy their fiddler who spins like a dervish and is really fun to watch. Many of the audience members who come to see them loyally appear every year for their concert. I am impressed that this group of musicians, who have been performing for many years, still love touring and performing. Their passion shows in their performance and is contagious back stage, helping me love what do at the Acorn Theater even more.


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