Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why We Love Andreas Kapsalis!

Andreas Kapsalis first came to the Acorn Theater a number of years ago performing with Goran Ivanovich. The two of them performed a night of guitar duets. Goran also performed with his group and Andreas performed with his group. Both guitarists and their groups are really talented and performed great shows. Andreas has returned with his group to perform a concert including performing original music to a really cool short silent film. Andreas also opened for Poi Dog Pondering. Audiences often ignore opening acts but they loved Andreas and many of those attending requested his return. In addition to the concert with his trio, "Ange" is teaching a class. His skills are incredible and his percussive style is exciting. Andreas and Goran are working on presenting an international guitar festival this coming fall. If you love guitar playing, Andreas is a person you should see and know.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How do we do what we do when we...

People have been asking about Poi Dog Pondering at the Acorn Theater. I will share a few "behind the scenes" stories with this wonderful group of musicians.

First of all, I would like to say that each concert has been part show, part party. These musicians perform with such joy and energy that the entire audience gets caught up in the event. We learned to leave open areas without chairs for a place for audience bopping around and dancing because many people could not sit still. Frank, the band's front man, was really concerned about their fans and made sure that our ticket prices were affordable. The first time the band came to the Acorn, tickets sold out quickly and we started a waiting list. When we had over 100 tickets on the waiting list, we asked Poi Dog to add a second show and they agreed to do it. After one of their concerts, Rachel Collins of Collins Caviar prepared an amazing caviar reception for the band. You can see a little footage of the evening on youtube.

I think we were able to present Poi Dog because we provided the opportunity to perform in a comfortable space before going on tour. We benefitted from their desire to get in a performance before hitting the road. We would love to present them again when the opportunity arises. Susan Volez, the violinist, will be performing at the Acorn on Saturday, June 26, opening for Anne Harris and her band.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wedding Reception

The Acorn Theater staff is doing an amazing job decorating the theater for a wedding reception that will take place tomorrow in the theater space. There is a circus tent look with fabric suspended from the center of the room emanating to the edges and then down to the floor. Huge yellow and blue balloons of various sizes are suspended throughout. The groom told me that one of the guests invented fake vomit. I am proud that I will be able to say that the inventor of fake vomit was in our space. Anyway, this is going to be the coolest reception with a number of the guests performing variety acts.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Wild Oaks Masked Ball

Spring was embodied at the Acorn Theater on Saturday night with the Wild Oaks Masked Ball. The community came to life after a harsh winter. The energy built as people danced and reveled throughout the event. Many people showed up in creative costumes and/or masks and enjoyed the very musical performance by some of the local youth who, along with Brett Padgett, comprise Minor Seconds. These kids were adorable, confident, and talented. Squirm played a set that covered a lot of musical ground. This trio of some of our favorite people pulled out the stops and filled the room with sound. There were some clever and playful artistic performances by various women that are better experienced than described. Mucca Pazza brought the audience to a frenzied level of energy with the dance floor filled with newly converted avid fans. I think it is safe to say that everyone there felt like this performance was a great gift elating their spirits and reminding everyone that life can be filled with fun.

Baby Alright had the unenviable job of following Mucca Pazza but they maintained the dancing energy with a wonderful set of R and B dance music. This quartet kept people dancing and sounded great. A dj filled transitions with music. Food was provided by Luisa's Cafe and the bars at the Acorn made sure all thirsts were quenched. The Friends of Three Oaks sponsored and ran this event as a fund-raiser for WRHC Radio Harbor Country. For a small contribution to the station, photographer Richard Hellyer took portraits of guests. Special thanks go out to Charlie Rizzo, Beth Denton, Kahlil, and the staff of the Acorn Theater for creating a night to be remembered. I think it is safe to say that everyone who attended feels they were part of something very special.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Goodbye to the Vickers

Though we've posted our thoughts on the Vickers' Going Away WE Love You Party last week, I wanted to share some more details.

It was heartwarming to experience the response to going away party for the Vickers. People lined around Jon and Jenn to offer best wishes and express their love for the movie theater. Blue Dahlia provided amazing live music. They were particularly appropriate for the event since they performed at many Three Oaks events including playing original music to silent films at many of the Sounds of Silents festivals. They were also right at home performing in the Vickers Theatre. The projected images from Jon's favorite films added to the ambience at the Acorn. Many people brought food to show their love, adding to the treats provided by local places including Belle Via, Big Daddy's Featherbone, Diane Botica, Stewart Beach, Sweet Haven Resort, and the Marina Grand Hotel. We all love the Vickers family and are grateful for all they have done to enhance our community. We offer good wishes and take pride in knowing them.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wine Fridays

Anyone who is a fan of The Wine Shop at The Acorn on facebook and twitter has surely heard tale of Wine Fridays. Well I'm here to give you the inside scoop on just what goes down with Becky and I on those incredibly exciting days.

But first, everyone always asks me HOW I pick everything in the shop. I pride myself on the selection of wines under $20 and love that my shop almost always has the most up-to-date beers I can. I created a mix-n-match table in the shop, so you can come in and get a 6-pk of all different beers, allowing you to try the newest and "hoppiest."

How do I FIND all these things? It's a chore, I won't lie. I spend hours a week reading, researching, and scouring websites like
Beer Advocate. But I owe a lot of my amazing inventory to one, special, incredibly wonderful day...Wine Fridays.

On Fridays, from around the hours of 12 and 4, our distributors and sales reps come into the shop for Becky and I to taste things. Sometimes wines, sometimes beers, sometimes both. It has become a ritual for Becky and I, and any other people who happen to be at the theater on Fridays (you know who you are) and, well, we love it. Don't get me wrong--not everything tastes good. My oh my the stories we could tell... But most often, we find one or two things we love, and order them. We sit with the sales rep, pour glass after glass, swirling, smelling, and of course, tasting.

So if you just happen to find yourself in our area on a Friday, and perhaps stop by the shop and just mention that you're a huge fan of our blog, and us...perhaps we'll let you sit in!


Saying Goodbye to the Vickers

Last night, The Acorn hosted a going away party for our dear friends, the Vickers Family. An inspiration to everyone in this town and beyond, the Vickers are leaving Harbor Country for Bloomington, IN, where John will be pursuing a new job.

Seeing the turnout really was awe-inspiring. Not only did the entire community turn out to wish this incredible family good luck, and thank them, but people from John's Notre Dame world, and anyone who has been touched by the family in some way.

Everyone was there, mingling, eating, drinking...and the awesome Richard Hellyer brought over a huge print of the family from his upcoming book "Three Oaks People" for the entire party to sign. It just goes to show how this community loves each other. In good times and bad, we all come together to celebrate one another, and that it the reason so many of us are here, and why we continue to stay. It's not just work here in town, it's life.

We will miss John, Jennifer, and the kids dearly, and look forward to their many return visits to the area to check up on us all.


A little backstage news from the Acorn

Hey there Acorn Fans!

Just wanted to say a quick, if oddly placed in the blog, hi and hello. Things are going super at the Acorn, and we're gearing up for our big spring and summer seasons!

Coming up in the next few weeks and months, we've got a fantastic benefit for Three Oaks, the Wild Masked Ball March 13. This night will bring out all of the best the scene has to offer, including the outrageous band Mucca Pazza, and hometown band Squirm Orchestra, among many others. This is not a night to be missed! Check out the website for more info.

Also, we've got the highly anticipated arrival of Andreas Kapsalis Trio on March 26. The band is so great, and always an Acorn favorite. On Saturday, Andreas will be teaching a masterclass, letting all th participants in on just how he plays like that!

What else...well, of course Shawn Mullins on April 10. That show is selling FAST, just through our website, twitter and facebook, so get to it soon!

If you're not following us on twitter and facebook, click the links here and get to it! We share lots of good stuff through those sites, including offers, giveaways, and advance notice for upcoming events.



Sean Masterson's Vintage Magic Uncorked

February 13, 2010

Sean Masterson performed his magic on a small platform placed right in front of the first row of seats so everyone in the audience could watch his every move. He used many regular objects like coins, an audience member's watch, and cards and made everyone feel like they were in a salon as opposed to a theater. The live french music helped create a special ambience. Sean's wife played accordion and harmonized with the other vocalist. Hearing songs in French, a language I don't speak, made me feel the emotions of the songs without thinking about the lyrics.


James Lee Stanley and Pamela Stanley

February 5 and 6, 2010

James Lee Stanley charmed the Acorn Theater audiences with his hilarious stories and moved them with his wonderful songs. He told some stories for the first time at his second night at the Acorn so the person who came to both performances would get to hear something different. Pamala was amazing with her Philly accent contrasting to her glamorous looks. She has a powerful voice and great pitch. I think she surprised the audiences when she started her set playing piano and singing some intimate and comedic songs before letting loose belting broadway show-stoppers and, of course, her disco hits. Her fan dancing really got people going.