Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How do we do what we do when we...

People have been asking about Poi Dog Pondering at the Acorn Theater. I will share a few "behind the scenes" stories with this wonderful group of musicians.

First of all, I would like to say that each concert has been part show, part party. These musicians perform with such joy and energy that the entire audience gets caught up in the event. We learned to leave open areas without chairs for a place for audience bopping around and dancing because many people could not sit still. Frank, the band's front man, was really concerned about their fans and made sure that our ticket prices were affordable. The first time the band came to the Acorn, tickets sold out quickly and we started a waiting list. When we had over 100 tickets on the waiting list, we asked Poi Dog to add a second show and they agreed to do it. After one of their concerts, Rachel Collins of Collins Caviar prepared an amazing caviar reception for the band. You can see a little footage of the evening on youtube.

I think we were able to present Poi Dog because we provided the opportunity to perform in a comfortable space before going on tour. We benefitted from their desire to get in a performance before hitting the road. We would love to present them again when the opportunity arises. Susan Volez, the violinist, will be performing at the Acorn on Saturday, June 26, opening for Anne Harris and her band.

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