Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Wild Oaks Masked Ball

Spring was embodied at the Acorn Theater on Saturday night with the Wild Oaks Masked Ball. The community came to life after a harsh winter. The energy built as people danced and reveled throughout the event. Many people showed up in creative costumes and/or masks and enjoyed the very musical performance by some of the local youth who, along with Brett Padgett, comprise Minor Seconds. These kids were adorable, confident, and talented. Squirm played a set that covered a lot of musical ground. This trio of some of our favorite people pulled out the stops and filled the room with sound. There were some clever and playful artistic performances by various women that are better experienced than described. Mucca Pazza brought the audience to a frenzied level of energy with the dance floor filled with newly converted avid fans. I think it is safe to say that everyone there felt like this performance was a great gift elating their spirits and reminding everyone that life can be filled with fun.

Baby Alright had the unenviable job of following Mucca Pazza but they maintained the dancing energy with a wonderful set of R and B dance music. This quartet kept people dancing and sounded great. A dj filled transitions with music. Food was provided by Luisa's Cafe and the bars at the Acorn made sure all thirsts were quenched. The Friends of Three Oaks sponsored and ran this event as a fund-raiser for WRHC Radio Harbor Country. For a small contribution to the station, photographer Richard Hellyer took portraits of guests. Special thanks go out to Charlie Rizzo, Beth Denton, Kahlil, and the staff of the Acorn Theater for creating a night to be remembered. I think it is safe to say that everyone who attended feels they were part of something very special.


  1. Um, is this post supposed to be in wingdings? I don't speak wingdingian! Or do you suspect that people who pull up the blog just look at the pictures?

  2. any word on the pictures we donated for?