Monday, June 21, 2010

The Rain Doesn't Stop Us!

A storm hit the Acorn Theater on Friday around 6:30 PM . . . a storm of
biblical proportions. We heard that it knocked out hundreds of thousands
of homes of power in Chicago. But as it made it way across the warm waters
of Lake Michigan, the storm gained strength.

In Three Oaks it met the Acorn Theater with particular force. The wind
and rain blew off part of our roof before we lost power. Water, water,
water. and only one mop.

With no electricity, flashlights and candles in hand, we took a cheerful
audience and enjoyed an unforgettable show. Congratulations to the
winner, Merrie Greenfield. My favorite story of hers came from the
suggestion “recalled meatballs” and her story involved an Eastern
European woman trying to get compensation for meat she used to make a huge
meatball sandwich for an American Idol finale party where everyone got
sick. Storied by candlelight turned out to be really fun and cool.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Big Vs. Little

I have mixed emotions about presenting well-known performers at the Acorn Theater. Meeting some of these people is a thrill because they are so great to be around. Shawn Mullins, Poi Dog Pondering, Peter Yarrow, and Richie Havens come to mind. If you stuck around after their shows, you got to experience firsthand how friendly they are. They also performed great shows and really excited the audience. I am looking forward to meeting Marshall Crenshaw and presenting him for the first time. Another wonderful thing about presenting the bigger names is the amount of press and buzz we receive. performers such as Lesley Gore, Nathan Gunn, Jim Brickman, Jefferson Starship, Leon Redbone, The Platters, The Pacifica Quartet, and The Cowboy Junkies garnered a lot of media attention. It is also great to have sell-out crowds and enthusiastic audiences. On the other hand, we present so many really talented performers who deserve as much attention. Remember, there are a lot of amazingly talented people who will give you a great night of entertainment. Come to the big shows, but also try some of the less famous performers. You may discover an unexpected treat. Plus, you will be the cool person who "saw them when." I would love to hear what artists gave you that surprise moment where you were moved and thrilled. The Carolina Chocolate Drops, Mark O'Connor, Corky Siegel, and the drama "Tops or Bottoms" were a few of mine.