Monday, June 21, 2010

The Rain Doesn't Stop Us!

A storm hit the Acorn Theater on Friday around 6:30 PM . . . a storm of
biblical proportions. We heard that it knocked out hundreds of thousands
of homes of power in Chicago. But as it made it way across the warm waters
of Lake Michigan, the storm gained strength.

In Three Oaks it met the Acorn Theater with particular force. The wind
and rain blew off part of our roof before we lost power. Water, water,
water. and only one mop.

With no electricity, flashlights and candles in hand, we took a cheerful
audience and enjoyed an unforgettable show. Congratulations to the
winner, Merrie Greenfield. My favorite story of hers came from the
suggestion “recalled meatballs” and her story involved an Eastern
European woman trying to get compensation for meat she used to make a huge
meatball sandwich for an American Idol finale party where everyone got
sick. Storied by candlelight turned out to be really fun and cool.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks, David! You guys need to have "Ghost Story Night," where you do it by candlelight!

    And I blame Don for the storm. He named the event "Maelstrom." It was only a matter of time some weather god took that title as a suggestion.

    - Merrie

    I hope you guys recover quickly and painlessly from the damage!