Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saying Goodbye to the Vickers

Last night, The Acorn hosted a going away party for our dear friends, the Vickers Family. An inspiration to everyone in this town and beyond, the Vickers are leaving Harbor Country for Bloomington, IN, where John will be pursuing a new job.

Seeing the turnout really was awe-inspiring. Not only did the entire community turn out to wish this incredible family good luck, and thank them, but people from John's Notre Dame world, and anyone who has been touched by the family in some way.

Everyone was there, mingling, eating, drinking...and the awesome Richard Hellyer brought over a huge print of the family from his upcoming book "Three Oaks People" for the entire party to sign. It just goes to show how this community loves each other. In good times and bad, we all come together to celebrate one another, and that it the reason so many of us are here, and why we continue to stay. It's not just work here in town, it's life.

We will miss John, Jennifer, and the kids dearly, and look forward to their many return visits to the area to check up on us all.


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