Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cathy Richardson Rocks

This Saturday night Cathy Richardson is coming to the Acorn Theater with a new band. The last couple of times she was here, Cathy was lead singer with Jefferson Starship. This woman can sing and really commands the stage. She is also really fun. Cathy is pure excitement. Also, years ago, before Cathy performed in our space, she attended an Anne Harris concert as a patron. Since then, she has become one of our favorite performers. Cathy sings Janis Joplin songs with authority and style. I have two vivid memories from past Acorn Theater show. The first one is when Cathy couldn't find her capo (a clamp that goes on the neck of a guitar to change the key,) so she used a rubber band and a sharpie for the show. It was a real MacGyver experience. The second memory is the first time Cathy performed at the Acorn and she sang "Ball and Chain" by Janis. I think everyone got chills. The audience went crazy and she got an enormous ovation. Everyone in the theater knew they were experiencing a brilliant performance and I would bet that everyone remembers that moment. I just love her.


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