Friday, August 13, 2010

Variety vs. Familiarity?

Programming may be the most important aspect of owning a theater. It is really hard to balance new acts as opposed to people we have presented in the past. On one hand, it is creatively interesting to bring in new performers and their energy. The fun of sharing a discovery is a great experience for an audience. On the other hand, it is really hard to get an audience to try someone new. People often request we bring back their favorite shows. Once we have invested in someone new and they connect with an audience, we want to help them build a following. Some acts that have done this include The Guitars of Spain, The Weird Sisters, and Katie Todd. We are bringing back a few performers who were at the Acorn Theater once and we think made a strong enough impression that we invited them back. Matt Alber and Keri Noble come to mind. I’m curious if you have an opinion about this. Do you prefer variety or familiar?


  1. Variety, but bring back William Fitzsimmons and Rosi Golan. Hardly anyone saw them at their fine performance a few weeks ago. And I'd love to see Sam Lay again. And how about that cello player who blew everyone away at Patsiche?

  2. I've yet to attend a show at the Acorn (going tonight to see the guitar duos b/c I love Brazilian musicians)but from what I can see from the calendar you already have a small variety. I prefer Variety but I also crave the big names in Jazz. I live in NW Indiana and this place looks like a nice alternative to driving to Chicago to see the big names. Let's see some big names in Jazz!!!!!

  3. Filling seats is the priority. Exit polls with a dollar off coupon for your next visit with completed survey.
    1. Will you tell people about the show you just enjoyed?
    2. Will you invite friends the next time this show is presented?

    Well you get the idea.
    Fresh acts are the life blood of a good theater. Encore shows are the back bone.