Monday, May 24, 2010

Acorn Theater Anniversary

The Acorn Theater is celebrating its seventh anniversary this coming weekend. Thinking back to our first year, a number of performers come to my mind. Colleen McHugh performing in the incomplete room for an audience of lodging owners in Harbor Country. Squirm including our new pipe organ in their music. Amy Seeley performing Moline Mad Man, a touching and funny one-woman show to our first packed house. Scott Woldman, Jim Jarvis, Justin Hayford, and Jenna Mammina performing their hearts out. We also did workshops of a new musical by Jack Helbig and Mark Hollmann. Hopefully, I will find my 2003 calendar that lists all the shows. Many people give their time and energy to help create the space. We are thankful to everyone who has performed on our stage, who has attended our shows., and who has helped us create the magic.

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